BELLEY SANKARPUR, Panpur more,P.O. : Kushdanga, Pin Code : 743126, Dist. :  24 Pgns(N), West Bengal



1) Satellite seminar on (Ayurved for one Health)                                                                         

      Dated: 20.08.2022

Organized by – NASYA & World Ayurved Foundation   on the eve of 9th World Ayurved Congress and Arogya expo

2) Seminar with Workshop (7 days) on the eve of Ayurved Day 2022 Celebration                                              

Dated: 26.09.2022 to 02.10.2022

Topic- Ayurved Aahar , Pathya Apathya (do’s and do not’s) Ayurvedic  regimen on diet and lifestyle in health and disease.

3) 2 days Sensitization Workshop                 

Dated: 14.11.2022 & 15.11.2022  

Topic – Sustainable maintenance of National Ayush Morbidity codes and standardized terminologies electronic (Namastey) portal and capacity building program   

Organized by -   CARI , Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India, CCRAS, Kolkata, W.B

4) 3days Seminar and CME on the eve of 7th Ayurved Day 2022 celebration

       Dated: 21.11.2022 to 23.11.2022

       Topic – Har din har ghar Ayuyrveda (Ayurved every day , Ayurved everywhere )

5) 3 days workshop and seminar (at AYUSH Swasthya Mela, Nadia District) events organized by Dept. of AYUSH , Govt. of West Bengal                                                                                                         

Dated: 04.01.2023 to 06.01.2023

Topic – Prevention is better than cure through practice of Ayurveda in daily life       

6) 2 days seminar                                                                                                             

  Dated: 28.03.2023 & 29.03.2023

  Topic – 1) Awareness program on Pharmaco - Vigilance in ASU & H Drugs & Misleading advertisements                                                                                                                  

             2) To create awareness and increase production uses and consumption of Millets on the eve of the   Celebration of International year of Millets 2023

Organized by -   CARI , Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India, CCRAS, Kolkata, W.B 

7) One day seminar

Dated: 12.04.2023

Topic: Identity and Contribution of Daivya Visag – Lord Ashwini Kumar’s and his Successors.

Organized by – Vaidya panchabhai Damania, UNA , Gujrat and Sri Sri Well being Sansthan